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Board of Management

A board of management for an ETB school has a clear remit to manage that school on behalf of the ETB in accordance with legislation. The primary role of a board of management is one of governance. Governance is about providing direction and oversight for a school while ensuring that the rights of all members of the school community are upheld and that the school is accountable for its work.

The functions of a board may, in the main, be categorised under three different headings:
• Policy setting and strategic planning
• Monitoring the implementation of policy, strategy and plans
• Supporting the principal and his/her staff

Board of Management 2019-2012:

Cllr. Joe Queenan (Chairperson)
Cllr. Chris Mac Manus
Mr. Jack Lynch (MSLETB Rep)
Cllr Rosaleen O Grady (MSLETB Rep)
Mrs. Angela O Brien (Parents nominee)
Mr. Shane Goldsberry (Parents nominee)

Ms. Aideen O Shaughnessy  (Teachers nominee)
Mr. Jason Killgannon  (Teachers nominee)

The Principal Ms. Maeve Kelly is Secretary to the Board of Management.


Board of Management agreed reports: 

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April 2018

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Oct 2019

Dec 2016

Dec 2019

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