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Green Schools at Coláiste Iascaigh

Coláiste Iascaigh guided by a hard working Green School Committee has successfully secured 5 Green Flags for environmental work in the following areas: Litter & Waste, Energy, Water, Travel and Biodiversity. An active Green School Committee ensures that the seven steps within each theme are followed. The Committee undertake an Environmental Review relating to the theme being followed and based on that review an action plan is drawn up. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation takes throughout the two years of focus on each particular theme. Throughout this period the committee informs and involves the wider school community of the work taking place. Subject teachers work alongside the Green School Co-ordinator and Committee to ensure the theme being studied is integrated across the school curriculum. One of the seven steps followed for each of the Green School themes is to adopt a Green Code in the school. Our Green Codes have been as follows :

Litter & Waste  ‘If you buy it you bin it’
Energy               ‘If it’s not in use turn of the juice!’
Water                 ‘To Get your bill low-use less H2O’
Travel                 ‘Fumes from transport cause pollution, walking or cycling is a better solution’
Biodiversity       ‘Biodiversity is living things-the more you help it the more it brings’

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