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Junior Cycle 

A wide range of subjects are taught in Coláiste Iascaigh. Student spend 3 years in junior cycle studying for their junior certificate.
In Coláiste Iascaigh our junior cycle student study 9 subjects and 2 short courses. Students in Coláiste Iascaigh will be taught 400 hours of wellbeing across the three years of their junior cycle. 

1st Year Subject Options: Making the decision to study unfamiliar subjects can be difficult for young students and their parents. To help students make the right choice Coláiste Iasiagh's taster sessions give 1st year student the opportunity to spend a few weeks studying these subjects.

Click on the link to view our First Year Subject Choice Presentation 

Four optional subjects are chosen from the following combinations.
Option 1: Art or Geography 
Option 2: French or Metalwork  
Option 3: Home Economics or Woodwork
Option 4: Business Studies or Technical Graphics 

Core subject - All students study the following subjects
Full Subjects:  Irish / English / Maths / Sciene / History :                             
Short Courses: SPHE / Digital Media Literacy                  

First year subjects contributing towards Wellbeing include; SPHE, CSPE, PE and Careers    

All students at Colaiste Iascaigh study the JCSP ( Junior Cert School Programme)

Compulsory subjects 

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Core Subjects


Short Courses
Digital Media Literacy


Optional Subjects

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Our 1st year students choose any 4 of the following subjects after a taster programme. Students then continue studying these subjects for the next 3 years
Techical Graphics
Materials Technology Wood
Home Economics