Dear Parent / Guardian, 

We have organised Cyber and Internet Safety training for all parents in the school community. Technology plays a huge part in students’ lives and it is essential that we are all empowered with accurate information to support their online safety and wellbeing. The following topics will be covered:

·  Legislation and the legal ramifications of using Social Media inappropriately.

·  Apps to avoid and how Apps can be designed for malicious purposes.

·  Technology solutions, tips and advice that can be used to manage online activities.

·  Privacy in Social Media

·  Publishing, posting, sending and uploading content

·  The longevity of content. How things that are published today, can come back to haunt us in the future.

·  Gaming and Internet addiction and the cynical approach that companies have towards addiction.

·  What is AI and what are the positives and negatives of it for us and our children

·  How Terms and Conditions make us all into fools.


This will take place on 6th December at 7.30pm online. Once we receive links for the event I will share them with you. 


All First Year students will receive similar cyber safe training on 7th December.