Teaching & Learning

Students who are well, learn well.

Schools play a vital role in the promotion of wellbeing. Coláiste Iascaigh strive to support our students academic, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development. Wellbeing is embedded in the ethos of our school. The new Junior Cycle Wellbeing Programme is fully implemented in our school and our senior students are supported by SPHE classes, Career Guidance and PE classes. To complement wellbeing in the classroom we run regular events in our school to promote wellbeing. These events are supported by the strong leadership of our wellbeing coordinator and the quality teaching and learning that is evident in our school.

We work to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to deal with challenges that impact on their wellbeing.


Junior Cycle Wellbeing

400 hours over 3 years. These hours are incorporated into the following areas.

  • PE (Short course),
  • CSPE,
  • SPHE (Short course),
  • Career Guidance,
  • Nature Based Learning/Communication
  • Personal Development.
Junior Cycle Wellbeing Guidelines

Senior Cycle Wellbeing

  • PE
  • SPHE
  • Career Guidance
  • Computers
  • Nature Based Learning/Communication


Our students and staff have embraced ICT in every subject. Computer classes are part of the curriculum for every year group here in Coláiste Iascaigh. This enables all our students to develop good ICT skills that will benefit them here in school and later on as they enter the world of work or further education. Computer classes give students the opportunity to work on their CBAs, LCVP portfolio or Leaving Cert projects.


The school has a guidance counsellor who works with all year groups. There are four elements covered within the guidance program including personal, social, vocational and educational. This supports students’ holistic development and promotes wellbeing. Read more

Just a few steps for the desks and chairs is a very different classroom. Over the last number of years our students have taken part in a School Excellence Project which provided us with many wonderful resources, the must substantial one being an outdoor learning space with a large polytunnel. The many benefits students gain from learning outside the classroom include:

  • It embraces creativity
  • It improves mental health
  • It provides a bridge to higher order learning
  • It makes learning more engaging
  • It Helps to develop an appreciation and understanding of the world around us
  • It inspires academic achievement
  • It improves young people’s attitudes to learning.

Our outdoor classroom is not just a place to learn about nature, but a place where learning can be reinforced and traditional learning enriched.

Colaiste Iasciagh Anti-Bullying and Stand Up Awareness Week

2022 Nov 14th – 18th

This week is an opportunity for us to look at how we can make our school a safe and supportive place for all students. At Colaiste Iascaigh, we use this week to educate our school community on the LGBTI+ community and issues they face. It is a chance to celebrate diversity in all forms. Read more.

Anti-bullying Week 2022 Theme: Reach out and support someone who is being bullied in school, online or in your community.

Odd Socks Day

Oct 10th 2022

Our students council organised Odd Socks Day today in Coláiste Iascaigh in aid of North West Stop. It was great to see so many students making the effort to raise awareness of Mental Health services and raising funds for this worthy cause on World Mental Health day.

Halloween Fancy Dress

30th Oct 2022

Thanks to the student council and Ms Hussey for organising another get wellbeing event here in Coláiste Iascaigh. Students and staff made such a great effort with their costumes. Check out the pictures.

School Completion

Our School Completion Officer, Eysa Garvey, mentors students who are experiencing challenges in school while supporting the student in reaching their true academic potential. Eysa also completes an induction programme with the 1st year students to support their transition from primary to post primary school.


Our school guidance counsellor Ms Maeve McDermott works with all year groups in our school. Read more.

Student Council

The Student Council is an integral part of our school community. Elected representatives from each year group ensure the student body has an input into school developments. Read more.


Trained Transition Year Students are assigned as mentors to new incoming 1st year students. These mentors help our new students settle in during their early days in post primary school.