Day 1 – Santiago 

Today we visited Curtis school.  We arrived to an extremely warm welcome. Students were divided into groups with their level and were given a tour of the school. We saw many similarities(lots of tractor chat) and differences between our schools.  Students in Curtis were extremely friendly and welcoming showing our students the facilities which included a garage where students work on cars! They have a project underway to build a car from scratch. Students participated in sports, English, history, computers and PE. Our students were teaching them a couple of words in Irish and in turn our students picked up some Spanish words! 

In the afternoon we got to explore many sights in A Coruña – we walked to Hercules tower in the beautiful sunshine and we weren’t far from home with the gale force winds!!  

Next stop was the shopping district and a sneaky visit to McDonalds of course- lots of great quality jerseys were purchased on the streets of a Coruña. We had such an active day and the students were loving the sunshine and craic!!! 


Day 2 – Santiago 

Today we travelled to Curtis again and students participated in morning classes about the History of Spain! The students were so enamoured with each other from the previous day so the principal organised for a few groups of students to participate in the Camino with us !! Although we did not complete the original distance of the Camino (over 500 miles) we still got the same exhilaration entering the plaza in Santiago de Compostela to the sounds of the bagpipes after 11km! We all shopped till we dropped and bought lots of Santiago merchandise (parents- clear your fridge- there are many magnets coming your way!!!!) We finished off the day with food and chats and headed back to our hotel. A wonderful day that I’m sure the students will all remember in years to come.